Nokia Pro Cam for device Ram 512 run amber


Notes: The application is only installed when you use wifi, don’t support when using wifi transmitter from laptop

Step1: Download and install Fiddler:

Step 2: Open Fidder then select
Tools => Fiddler Options => Connections
Step 3: Press Windows+R, enter cmd ->OK->ipconfig
Note: IPv4 Address:
Step 4: Config in Phone
wp_ss_20130807_0006Step 5: using phone open random 1 app on store, you get results on Fiddler, Note the red zone
Step 6: open notepad then paste “Rule editor”
Step 7: Open app nokia pro cam on browser pc, then copy Id app
Step 8: change the id of the application and the machine code as shown below
 appID PRO CAM : bfd2d954-12da-415c-ad99-69a20f101e04
 Machine code: RM-877_nam_att_205
Snap7 Snap12 Snap13 Snap14
Step 9: change EXACT =*redir, then copy and paste to Fiddler->Save
Snap38 Snap40 Snap41
Step 10: using QRCode below to install Nokia pro cam
Scan with Windows Phone

Note: before you install nokia pro cam, you must turn off the proxy by pressing the start button to go back

Source: The article uses some additional content from the Forum WPV


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