Windows Phone 8 SDK preview release leaks online

Although we’re expecting Microsoft to release the Windows Phone 8 SDK within the coming weeks, this morning the full SDK has managed to leak online via the site WPXAP.

The full SDK is available via two methods—the official Microsoft server with a password or a third party file site (which requires a 3rd party app to install first). We have downloaded the SDK and validated that it is indeed the full package.

Files include the SDK, which can only run on Windows 8 64-bit preview edition meaning many folks won’t be able to run this right now. In fact, we’ve heard that the official SDK will be a Windows 8-only release (both 32 and 64 bit).

The files included are

  • Network Monitoring for Windows Phone Applications V1.pdf
  • Optimizing Windows Phone Applications for Efficient Battery Consumption V1.pdf
  • Simulation Dashboard for Windows Phone Applications V1.pdf
  • Windows Phone 8 Developer Docs.chm
  • Windows Phone Apollo Release Notes.htm

The Developer docs (CHM) containing all the documentation with the new dev options–screenshots are posted below. We’ll get more up as soon as we can go through the files.


Source:  tải về tại đây.


First, the emulator supports different device types, including the WVGA, WXGA, and 720p screen resolutions.


But run the emulator and some very interesting features emerge. These include the new Start screen, which features the three tile sizes.


To edit a tile, just tap and hold.


And yes, to get to All Apps, all you do is swipe the screen off to the left, as in Windows Phone 7.x.

Data Smart is now called Data Sense, apparently.


The Camera app is vastly improved.


As expect, Music + Video loses the Zune branding and picks up an Xbox look and feel. Yes, Podcasts is still available.


Microsoft Wallet is also present.


More soon!



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